Man finds an engagement ring in fish’s stomach – then proposes to his girlfriend as he was planning to buy one anyway

CANNY fisherman Christopher Eggington cod-n’t believe his luck when his catch was worth more than its weight in gold.

After an engagement ring was discovered inside a fish being gutted for dinner, he promptly proposed to his longtime girlfriend – and she fell for him hook, line and sinker.

 The happy couple Christopher Eggington and his new fiancée Sandra Bidgood

The happy couple Christopher Eggington and his new fiancé Sandra Bidgood 

The happy couple accidentally netted the jewelry during a fishing trip at Chapel St Leonards, five miles north of Skegness.

Christopher 50, and his new fiancé Sandra Bidgood, 48, both from Wragby in Lincolnshire, shared their whale of a tale with Lincolnshire Live.

And it appears they were particularly lucky, as although they hooked a “beautiful catch”, most of their fish were actually released back into the sea.

Christopher explained: "We had been working our casts and our new rods were doing the job.

"We released most of our fish but kept two back for dinner."

When the pair returned home, Sandra started preparing their evening meal.

 Above: the ring was found inside the gut of a fish they caught near Skegness

Above: the ring was found inside the gut of a fish they caught near Skegness 

Christopher said: "I have never been that good at gutting the fish so I always pass it onto Sandra to do the gutting as she doesn't mind.

"That’s when I heard a squeal and turned around to see Sandra, beaming with glee, holding a ring."

Christopher waited with baited breath while he popped the question.

He had wanted to propose to Sandra for some time, but hadn't plucked up the courage to ask the big question.

The Lincolnshire man added: "I didn't put the ring in the fish, so I can only assume the fish had swallowed it sometime before I caught it.

"Long story short, Sandra and I are now engaged.

"I had wanted to propose for a while but it turns out I needed a little nudge from a gilled friend to get the courage."

Christopher said he had intended to go out and buy a ring when Sandra was next at work.

But, given the fortuitous fishing trip, they have instead used the one found lurking inside the fish as an engagement ring – after giving it a really, really good scrub.

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