He Told The Judges To Look At The Screen. What They Saw Made Their Heads EXPLODE!

Jamie has been in love with magic since he was a child after he seeing a magician perform while on a family holiday. Now 31 years of age, it’s obvious that Jamie has been working very hard to perfect his craft! While you may have seen some of his tricks performed by other magicians, Jamie invites his audience to really get up-close and personal so there’s absolutely no room for error. Even if you’re not into magic tricks, there’s no denying that this is incredibly impressive!

Go ahead and watch the video as closely, as slowly, and as many times as you want. “There’s no explanation for that.” Well, the best explanation that I can come up with is that Jamie is ridiculously awesome. His wife must be so proud! Please share this mind-blowing magic trick with your family and friends.

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